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General Questions

1. How can I bond someone out of jail?

    During normal business hours, you may pay a bond at the Crawford County Clerk of Court. 

    Form of bond payment must be either cash, credit card, or a cashiers check issued from a bank. 

     (If a credit card is used, you will be informed about a non-refundable surcharge prior to use.)

2. What kind of property can I bring to an inmate?

     Visitors may bring the following articles within the first 7 days. After the 7 days are up the inmate can purchase supplies through the commissary.

           Note: All Clothing articles must be new in package and white in color

                    >  3 pairs of underwear

                      >  T-Shirts

                      >  Socks

                      >  Pullover sports bras (may not have any metal parts)

                      >  Socks

                      >  Thermal T-Shirts and Pants

                      >  Money

3. Can I send an inmate magazines and/or books?

    We do allow magazines and books sent in with the following restrictions:

                   >  The items must be delivered from a vendor or book store or by subscription.

                   >  The items must be soft covered.

                   >   Inmates are limited to 2 magazines and 3 books in their cell due to the limited amount of space.

                   >  Materials deemed to be a threat to security, racially derogatory or inflammatory in nature will be considered contraband and will be seized                          and/or disposed of by policy.

4. What is the normal release time for inmates that have completed their sentence?

    Inmates are released from Jail once their sentence has been served at 5:30 am daily.