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General Huber Information
Huber Law

Any person sentenced to a County Jail for a crime, non-payment of a fine or forfeiture, or contempt of court, may be granted the leaving of Jail during necessary and reasonable hours for any of the following purposes:

  • Seeking employment (through verified interviews or appointments).
  • Working at employment.
  • Conducting any self-employed occupation, which can be verified.
  • Attendance at an educational institution; or medical treatment.

By order of the Court, the wages or salaries of the employed prisoners shall be disbursed by the Sheriff for the following purposes, in the order stated:

  • The Board of the prisoner.
  • Necessary travel expenses to and from work and other incidental expenses of the prisoner.
  • Support of the prisoner's dependents, if any.
  • Payments, either in full or ratably, of the prisoner's obligations acknowledged by him in writing or which have been reduced to judgment.
  • The balance, if any, to the prisoner upon his discharge.

The Sheriff may refuse to permit the prisoner to exercise the prisoner's privilege to leave the Jail not the exceed 5 days for each breach of discipline or violation of Jail regulations.

Violation of Work Release/Huber Program Rules
Any inmate who is granted work release, Huber, or any other form of approved community access, who in addition to all Jail rules previously stated, violates any of the following will be subject to disciplinary action.

An inmate:

  • Is required to pay Huber board by Friday at 10:30 pm and turn in his/her pay stub; we do not accept personal checks or credit cards.
  • Fails to notify the Jail Deputy of any changes in employment, childcare, school status, etc.
  • Fails to spend all free time within the Crawford County Jail (no loitering outside the Jail). Your schedule will be set by the Jail. Your maximum allowable hours are 12, which include your travel time. Maximum days out will be 6 consecutive. Special circumstances will need to be approved by the Jail Administrator. Maximum hours per week is 60 hours.
  • Fails to notify the Jail deputy of any changes in travel to and from work.
  • Brings any item(s) into the Jail without prior approval of a Jail Deputy, (this includes any form of contraband). Clothes and shoes are the only things allowed in your locker. You are responsible for all of your property. This includes your property in your Huber locker and in your dorm. Locks for the outside lockers are purchased from the Jail Deputy.
  • Fails to follow any policies of procedures that pertain to the Huber Law work program. 
  • Reports for his/her sentence late or with a positive Drug or Alcohol reading.
  • Leaves work without permission for any reason.
  • Requests to work at times other than those which have been previously arranged - must be in writing and signed by your employer and handed in the day before you want to be scheduled out.
  • May not go to his or her home or anyone else's home without permission.
  • May not purchase, use or consume alcohol; to include beer, non-alcoholic beer, wine, intoxicating liquors, or mouthwash containing alcohol. An alcohol breath test or urine analysis is required upon request when in custody of the Crawford County Jail. You will be required to submit to a urine analysis (U.A.) and/or a Breathalyzer (P.B.T.) upon being booked.
  • May not consume or use any drugs not prescribed by his/her doctor, which would require a prescription. Urine screening for drug usage is required upon request while you are in custody of the Crawford County Jail.
  • Must have a valid driver's license to drive a motor vehicle upon any public road. You will be required to have liability insurance and current registration in order to operate or park a motor vehicle.
  • Is required to submit a completed weekly work schedule or self-employment form in order to go out for work.