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WI State Statute 846.155 now requires the filing of an ELIGIBLE THIRD-PARTY BIDDER AFFIDAVIT with the Clerk of Courts. 

Copies of this AFFIDAVIT can be made from its PDF file.

Except for County recognized holidays, all sales are conducted on Thursday at 9:30 am.  

Sales are held on the West Entrance steps of the Crawford County Courthouse, City of Prairie du Chien, WI. 

Sale postings are available for viewing:

  • by clicking the current year above ​
  • bulletin board at the Sheriff’s Office.  If a property lies outside of the City of Prairie du Chien, there will also be postings inside the local municipality.  

The Sheriff’s Office does not have access to properties to be sold, and will not grant access to properties to be sold.

The Sheriff or a designee of the Sheriff conducts the sale.  

The bank, lending institution or their attorney will put in the first bid.

The sale is in the form of an auction.  

The highest bidder is awarded the property.

Bidders MUST have at least 10% of the bid price in hand at time of sale.

This must be in form of cash, cashier’s check, or money order.  

The cashier’s check or money order must be payable to the Crawford County Clerk of Courts.

Personal checks cannot and will not be accepted.

Sales are not final until confirmed by the Court at a confirmation hearing.

Evictions of prior owners, tenants, or occupants are done through a Writ of Assistance. These are drafted by an attorney, signed and sealed by the Court, and are acted upon only by the Sheriff’s Office.   The cost of the eviction lies on the purchaser or plaintiff, as determined by the court.  

The property is sold ‘as is’ and subject to all liens and encumbrances.

For information on the property, or conditions of the sale, contact the attorney listed on the foreclosure posting.

Please have an ID ready at time of sale. 

Posting/Sale Fees Posting & selling of Sheriff Sale Property in Crawford County will be at a charge of $150. Reposting/selling the property will cost an additional $150.   Payment must be made at the time sale papers are sent to this office for Sheriff Signature.  Additional Parcels to be sold will incur an additional $75/Parcel charge.

Checks payable to:  Crawford County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Sales